Gabriella: My First Time

In this stunning HD video from X-Art, beautiful Spanish model Gabriella becomes aroused and brings herself to orgasm, as she recalls her very first time having sex.

Do you remember your first time? Gabriella fantasizes about it often. For her, the memory of her first sexual experience is always arousing.

Her fingers reach slowly inside her white cotton panties. Feeling the first drops of wetness. She slowly removes her underwear and pulls her billowing white shirt up over her breasts, exposing herself to the warm summer air.

Gabriella's fingers begin to move in circles, teasing her clit before plunging into her soft pink folds. She remembers how it felt, reaching down and grabbing his cock as he slowly guided it inside.

Waves of pleasure cum over Gabriella's slender body as she begins to fuck herself with two fingers. She rolls over on her side, lifting her ass up high, imagining him taking her from behind.

As Gabriella cums, waves of pleasure ripple through her body. She bucks her hips, lifting her legs as if to wrap them tightly around her first lover in the ultimate embrace...


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